This site is the personal blog of me, Sean Robertson. My goal for the site is to bring fun and interesting tutorials and experiments to others. I am by no means a "10x Engineer", "Code Ninja" or whatever the hiring jargon might be. I'm just a self-taught engineer who focuses mostly on web tech that likes to tinker and build.

On this site you'll find me writing about simple web development, new SaaS providers I enjoy using, Raspberry-Pi/Homebrew technologies, and video game development. All from the perspective of a self-taught, curious person. What you won't find is 3rd party tracking, ads, analytics, etc. I don't care where you came from, where you're going, or what size your shoes are. I will also not allow others to use my site to find that out.

So I hope you enjoy the content and please give me a shout if something is buggy, not working, or just written very very poorly. Thanks for reading!!